Friday, November 29, 2013

Pass The Gravy, Pass Up The Politics

     My Official Family Thanksgiving is yet to come; those of my relatives not too much at loggerheads* will be gathering Saturday to bond through overeating.

     Despite a range of political opinions that range from religious-Right through center-right to RINO and past to a younger generation that calls itself "progressive," votes Dem and would move to bluer shores if only they weren't making so much more money in this benighted red state (and besides, do you know what taxes are like there?), and my very own firearm-friendly anarchism, we don't talk much politics.

     First off, why look for things to disagree about, when a plate of dammnable (my brother claims "delicious") yams trimmed with marshmallows is right there on the table, reeking?  Second, we all of us go vote, with the secret, smug satisfaction that we're cancelling out one evil or stupid person's effort, at least.  Third, whatever our disagreements, nobody wants to make my Mom sad, and she would be if we started in on politics.

     Much as I'd like to think my family was in some way unique, I doubt it. Most families avoid discord at the holiday table -- the holidays are stressful enough without trying to add to it.  Does that stop our would-be Great Leaders?

     Oh, hells no and it's not just the President's insidious effort to get supporters to talk up Obamacare and shout out those wicked ol' GOP uncles who might talk it down.  Nope, it turns out along with your ACArgument, soon-to-be-ex-Mayor (against guns) Bloomberg is handing out an anti-gun Thanksgiving placemat for the kids.

     Move over, Mom, the State wants a seat at the table. And I bet it won't even eat up those yams and spare me the sight and smell of 'em.  Oh, what happy holidays are these, that have such people in 'em?

     (H/T to Alphecca for the link!)
* The family tradition of a relational style that has much in common with trench warfare has expanded to a new generation and I'm not entirely unsympathetic to the combatants. Nor especially surprised.


Dave in Indiana said...

Yeah...I saw several articles about this push to bring political hot button issues to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

It seems like a sure way to get oneself disinvited from future holiday get togethers, not that many of those advocating bringing those issues to the table are capable of thinking that far ahead.

Old NFO said...

Excellent post Roberta, and no question we have 'enough' stress without adding the political BS to the table...

Robert Fowler said...

Yams? Reek? you and the SW would get along. She refuses to even cook them. I can however do without the marshmallows.

The part that gets me, she loves baked sweet potatoes. I swear I'll never understand how her brain works.

Anonymous said...

"Use your entrenching tool!" - a Firesign Theatre meal mom intoned.


JohninMd(help?) said...

I was wonderin' how many SWAT TEAMS© got deployed over ACA "discussions" at dinner tables across America....

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The only political discussion at our table last night centered on how well the steaks went down with a glass of Elijah Craig, neat -- undoubtedly horrifying any "sustainable" econuts that might have been listening. On the other hand, I doubt there were many of those hanging out at Ruth's Chris last night :-)

Dave H said...

President's insidious effort to get supporters to talk up Obamacare

That ain't politics, that's a cult. "Children, your families must be brought into the fold to be saved! If you love them, tell them the Good News of the Affordable Care Act! And if they refuse to hear, tell them it's already passed and they're going to get it anyway! It's For Their Own Good(TM), after all."