Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Snowstorm Of The Century

...Has fizzled out. Bigtime Media Outlets need to figure out how to cry "Wolf!" a little more quietly until we're sure, or when it matters, people will just snicker and ignore the warnings.

Since I Was There, I can assure readers that it all starts with the respected prognosticators at the National Weather Service, who predicted three to five inches of snow and sounded middlin' sure of it -- those "X% chance" predictions generally refer not to the probability of the event but the amount of surface of the forecast area that will experience it.

I dunno, I keep picturin' a would-be TV weatherguy with bad skin and superthick glasses snickering in some dank sub-basement at NWS, muttering, "...Turn me down, will they? I guess I'm showin' 'em now!" as he cranks out another over-the-top forecast and sneaks it into the official data.

...Oh, say it isn't so.

There's about half an inch of crunchy, squeaky sub-zero snow out there and I've much to do, so further idle speculation must wait.

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