Friday, February 01, 2008

Success! (Knock Wood)

At least when I left the Drive Compartment last evening, all three RF finals were runnin' sweet an' warm, percolatin' along at right around 95% efficiency.

This has taken a long time to acheive and were this not a wholly fictional account, a person might be makin' snarky comments about what happens aboard even one of the very finest starships in the entire U. S. merchant fleet when officers decide preventive maintenance is a silly and uncecessary indulgence.

Still very short on time and I need to look sharp so the XO won't feel all icky and soiled when he chews me out for fiddling around, playing and/or wasted time. Er, that is, I would if this weren't fiction.

But hey, the stardrive's running. We might even be at Rigel IV in time for the Oh Please Not That Festival! It's festive indeed -- rather like presidential elections. Almost exactly like them, in fact.


Anonymous said...

Great work! And we didn't miss one second of the gloom and doom weather forcasting! :)

Dr. StrangeGun said...

Didja get my earlier comment about installing a little toaster oven bell on the "READY" light circuit?

Turk Turon said...

Good for you!

Roberta X said...

A) Yes, tryin' to scare people about the weather: "It's what we do." Sheesh. This just in: viewers trust television less than ever!

B) Doc, I want to do that. The noise level in the Drive Compartment is just unbelievable, sadly.

C) Turk, that's one. And my department head was mildly complimentary. It's a wonder!