Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gun-Free Zones Claim More Victims

(Like they wrote it this way!)
A gun-free zone killed five and wounded 16 in a tragic shooting at a community college 65 miles West of Chicago, the most recent of several such shootings in disarmed-victim areas...

Oddly (as if!), that's not how AP puts it, though at least they blame the shooter and not the weapons.

L. Neil Smith has pointed out how interesting it is that any time there's an election season and/or gun restrictions on the table in Congress, we get a few well-covered mass shootings to help it along. No black helicopters required (though personally sometimes I wonder if perhaps "troubled loners" might do well to wear aluminum-foil beanies), just a slight shift in focus on the part of Authorized Journalists and taa-daa, gut-wrenching emotional arguments for more gun bans...if you don't realize the bad guys will always be able to get guns. If you don't understand that an armed and aware portion of the citizenry ready and legally able to shoot back would nip most of these events in the bud.

Does anyone think this will serve as a wake-up call to Illinois politicians to let law-abiding citizens exercise their inherent right to self-defense?


What? "Not?"

You're probably right.


Anonymous said...

Not with the mentality of those in Illinois, especially when Jesse Jerkson goes to the Lane Bryant shooting memorial and says that we need MORE gun laws. I guess that the first 20,000 laws didn't do the job, but 20,001 laws will stop all of the killings. God protect us from those fools.

phlegmfatale said...

How can logic so escape these people?

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The Duck said...

Logic & Liberal never never never mix

Alan said...

I used to ask people in Philadelphia why they stayed in such a crap hole of a city. I usually got blank stares. One waitress asked, "are other cities better?"

There's a lot of people on the low side of the bell curve out there.

Les said...

Alan's comment brings to mind the quote:

"Think about how stupid the average person is; now realise half of them are dumber than that"

I stick around Chicago because of my family, friends, and the business(es) that I own. It's tough to just up and move when you have a lot vested here... I did move two counties away from ChiTown ~3 years ago and it has been much better; McHenry Co. was about to vote next Tuesday to have a resolution recognizing that 2nd A is an individual right. They decided to cancel it on behalf of the grieving families and such which is pretty weak, but I can sort of see it...

I'd like to get away even further but I know that I'll be here for a few more years.