Saturday, February 23, 2008

Props, much overdue...

...To everyone who made The Big Move possible. Sincere thanks to Gunsmith Bob, Paul and Dr. Strangegun, who took an entire weekend-plus to help sort and load and fetch and haul -- and hook up a trailer in the driving rain.

Thanks to my employer, who decided last Fall that day-at-a-time vacations might be all right after all. Without that, I'd've never managed.

Thanks as well to the many, many fast-food and truckstop operators along the freeway, to whom I can only offer this homage from one of their own.* Without coffee, snacks, fuel and Modern Plumbing, it would not have been possible.

The Data Viking, Tam and I had a delighful dinner this evening at a local brewpub, where my newfound enjoyment of hard cider provided a bit of comic relief (it was a Very Full Glass, doggone it!) and my dining companions enjoyed Scotch Eggs for the first time. (Yum!) True friends are hard to find -- and all too often, taken for granted.
* I first read this at Sunni Maravillosa's blog. Some will find much to criticize in it -- hey, he's just one guy.


Dr. StrangeGun said...


Reads a bit like I did more than I did.... all I did was heft a couple boxes and get my pickup truck stuck in the driveway :)

Roberta X said...

Doc, it's been a week -- you did more work than you're admitting to, probably more than you remember.

Good stevedores are hard to find! :)

Anonymous said...

Wait, you have a brewpub that serves hard cider? Local ciders, or more broadly distributed?

Thoughts to self: "Ooooh. How far from Dayton to Indy? Only 100 miles? I can do that! Oh wait, the return trip is AFTER cider? Nevermind."

Word verification: xjateay--the sounds of three different sentences fighting to come out after a 'very full glass' of hard cider.

Roberta X said...

I'm not sure if it was local or wider; what I had was probably regional. (see my blog for a link).

But that joint's just one of several serving hard cider and esoteric brews within bicycling distance; there's also The Wellington, a tiny English pub, and Union Jack's, much bigger and sort of an American take on what a UK pub might be. Probably The Aristocrat (as seen in Mad Mike's SF!) offers a small selection as well.

Not such a bad place.

Farm.Dad said...

Well i cherry picked from the post , Out here in the hinterlands i had never heard of " scotch eggs" . Google fixed that up as well as providing the usual amount of " best " recipes. suffice it to say ill try some sort of home brew on them soon . heck they are easyer to make than the last trial i did ( atomic buffalo turds ) lol . Thanks on the heads up on a new grub combo tho , now just how can i make it work in a smoker lol .