Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Most Reviled Woman On The Internet?

I'm hopin' it's not me but there may be Knoxwegians muttering dire imprecations even as we speak -- 'cos I found someone to rent the attic to and she's a world-famous resident of that city. (And former habitue of Atlanta's Virginia-Highlands, from which I hope she's not brought any of the Norway and/or Tree Rats with which that neighborhood is afflicted. We have our own red, grey and piney squirrels and they are very much rodent enough, thank you).

Tam first visited in late Fall, after many e-mails and phone conversations. Now, she was one of the first other gun-gals I ever encountered on the 'net, way back when I stumbled into The High Road and other gunboards, but I never ever said typed Word One to her, 'cos, well -- she's Tam, and I was at the time a suburban housefrau who'd managed to get her hubby interested in shooting. But I saw her gunboard postings and AOL pages and thought, "Wow, what a kewl person, how neat if we could be friends."

Fast forward several years; my hubby had bailed unpleasantly,* I bought a motorscooter and then a house, I'd been readin' View From The Porch for a goodly while and one day I made a comment. And then another comment and another and e-mail and chattin' on the phone about Guns 'n' boys 'n' books an' found myself with my own blog, and hey-la! A houseguest. Tam mentions "knowing in five minutes you were going to be best friends," and that's how it worked.

The day I mentioned that property taxes were eatin' me alive an' it was a cryin' pity there weren't any keen gunnie-gals like her in town to rent my spare room to, the conversation went sort of like this:
Tam: ?
Roberta: .
T: ??
R: !?!
T: !!!
And with that, it was settled. --It was one of those conversations. If you've never had one, I despair of explaining.

And so here we are. Wagons, away!
* A bit impaired in the Fidelity and Honesty departments. Not that I'm like, bitter.


phlegmfatale said...

Excellent! Y'all are going to have so much fun. Maybe you can bribe her to do the yardwork, too. :P

I admire the gumption it takes to pick up, haul off and repair to elsewhere. Well done on you both!

Alan said...

Reviled heck, you'll be the talk of the blogs.

Anonymous said...

We're through Indianapolis at least twice a year, so keep us informed as to how Tam [and you] are doing.
[Tam posted a picture of several
.44 Specials awhile back - one was one I had and one was one I wanted. So I now have the two I wanted.] Olde Force

Anonymous said...

Been reading the both of you for awhile...and enjoy you both!! Hope it works out great for you both, and Tam has an easy move!! (I hate moving).

breda said...

I have to restrain myself from posting uberdorky fangirl squee. =)

Anonymous said...

Well didn't YOU make the roomie-of-the-year score! Congrats! Good on bofe of ya! And don't forget that Cincinnati is practically next door. Y'all are welcome anytime!


Kevin said...

I have only one comment:

Will the attic floor support Tam's gun collection?

Roberta X said...

We'll find out, Kevin...!

Roberta X said...

I'm feelin' pretty lucky, Mark. :)

Bonnie said...

I've had that conversation That's awesome.

Good luck to you both!

The Duck said...

But will the Attic Floor handle her book collection??

Tam said...


"I've had that conversation"

I always hate having those conversations over the phone, because the "!!" part is where I get all excited and do the spastic hand-wagging thing and that nearly always makes me drop the handset...

Bonnie said...

Tam - Careful, you're going to ruin your reputation as a stoic Amazon!

(the hand-wagging? I totally do that all the time. that's why I hate talking on the phone.)

Farm.Dad said...

In Southeast colorado i should live safely out of the mushroom cloud the " sinergy " you to generate lol . Have at it ladys and knock your selves out , however i will ask for forewarning if you head for denver so i can seek shelter .

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Tam will be the crazy old....oops, young Auntie Gun Nut in the attic???


Comrade Misfit said...

There's no rule in Indiana against cohabitating bloggers?


Roberta X said...

Cohabitating bloggers is okay -- cohabituating is right out. Hoosiers. Go figure!

...And, yes, this means there will be a crazy gun-gal in the attic. What? Like there wasn't one already on the ground floor? It's rule of organizing things: group related items! ;)

Turk Turon said...

It is TOTALLY sqwee!
Prices on brass and lead ingots are heading up, up, up on the Chicago Board of Trade. (Orange Juice futures are up, too, but Cattle Mutilation futures are down.)
Pop Guns is going to have to add more shooting lanes. They do allow rifles there, don't they? Ya'll come visit my "local" indoor range: they allow anything up to a 338 Lapua (if you can stand the noise). Well, they had to draw the line somewhere after a guy showed up with a Solothurn.

Roberta X said...

Alas, Pop's Wall Of Shredded Tires os good for pistol caliber stuff only. So a nice Cowboy lever-action rah-ful in .357 is fine, but a .30-'06 or even my innocent SKS is not.

There's a (club) range to the Northeast that I believe does the high-power rifle thing, add the State ranges at Atterbury and Wibur Wright are about an hour away each.