Saturday, February 02, 2008

Idiots! Iiiiiidiiioots.....

I wondered why the Brady Bunch had given my Hoosier state a worse score (8) than Tam's Tennessee (7). (In Brady terms, higher is "better," I guess since it means malefactors have a better chance of finding disarmed victims. The idea appears to be that if you have anything worth stealing, you're a heartless exploiter anyway, so by the standards of their wing of the Party Of Treason, you've got it coming).

The reason why our score is worse is simple: they didn't do their homework. They've somehow missed Indiana's "Stand Your Ground" law and the well-supported 19th Century legal precedent that actually made the law redundant.

Hey, Bradys: We can shoot bad guys who threaten us in Indiana, no matter where they try it. At home. In public. Even at work -- though I admit, state law does not require employers to allow their workers who are qualified to carry firearms. Not yet, anyway. (One can hope we'll at least get a "keep it in your car" law through and until then, I'll be a good little girl, boss. Umm, as long as there's no problem with my pocketknife and all the heavy, sharp and/or pointy tools I use to do my job).

Anyway, the Bradys are wrong, not only overall but in detail. Ooooo, what a surprise! Hoplophobic[1] PSH[2] as usual.

In related news, crime rates continue to be lower in "must-issue" states than in "may-issue" and "no-issue" ones. Who knew?
1. Hoplophobia, "a morbid fear of individual sidearms," something Freud said was a sign of sexual insecurity.

2. Let's just say it stands for "pants-soiling hysteria." Your version may vary.


Anonymous said...

We got you both beat. Idaho received a score of six. That's still too high. I'll bet they didn't include Boomershoot in their evaluation.

I'm working for negative numbers.

breda said...

Ohio scored 13. I'm not allowed to shoot bad guys at work. Boo! But on a cheerier note, I'm happy to find that old Sigmund would think me sexually secure! Yay!

Roberta X said...

Tsk, Breda, lusting after an elderly man like that! ;) It's what he said, though.

Joe: so you are! Good for Idaho. We need more states scoring in the low single digits!

Poor Alphecca is still tryin' to figure out what happened with VT not bein' the lowest-scoring. I think it's like the way the NRA will back a GOP candidate who's not good on guns: VT is solidly lefty, so the GFWs give the state a break. Awwwww.

BobG said...

We got a 4 here in Utah, but hopefully we can get it lowered.

Rob K said...

I just sent this email to them via their contact page. What's the world coming to when we start lobbying them for a lower score?

Hi, I'm an Indiana resident, and you scored Indiana too high. You said we don't have a "stand your ground" (or as you call it "shoot first") law, but in fact we do: IC 35-41-3-2 (

You might also note in your LIMITS ON CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMITS section that as of 1 July 2007, Indiana made available lifetime carry permits.

Please revise your scoring to reflect this.