Saturday, February 02, 2008

How Can This Be?

A multi-victim shooting near Chicago?

How can that even be possible? Why, according to the Bradys, Illinois ranked ninth of the 50 states for laws to prevent gun violence. (Indiana's ranking is 32).

You don't suppose this might imply such laws don't stop wicked, violent people from doing terrible things? Oh, hully gee!

Since no mere ordinary citizens subjects in the Land Of Lincoln are "allowed" to carry the most effective means of self-defense ever developed, this sort of thing goes on unhindered; by the time police become involved, the initiators of force have got a good head start. Late word is that in this shooting, the perpetrators are still at large. Oh, there's nothing like that warm, safe Chicago-style freedom from gun violence, nothing at all.


I really want Indiana to recognize the Illinois FOID as a carry permit. The requrements are at least as stringent as the ones to obtain an Indiana License To Carry Handgun and it would make the firearms-fearing ninnies on that side of the line wet themselves.


Turk Turon said...

That is such a devilish idea: to make Indiana recognize an Illinois FOID card as a de-facto carry permit! You're a born agitator! Emma Goldman (buried in Chicago, by the way) would be proud.

Tam said...

I suppose infiltrating Special Forces A Teams to help train indigenous Illinois resistance fighters is out of the question?

Rob K said...

That is an awesome idea. That is a really awesome idea. A better idea would be just to eliminate the carry permit requirement all together.

Less said...

Permit or no permit, right or wrong, you do what you do.

We have a lot of great training around here, hell, we have a lot of great manufacturers out here:
DSA, Springfield Armory, Les Baer, Armalite, etc...

Truth is that many of the rank and file wish the politicos would change, but we have "little dick" that doesn't see eye-to-eye with the rest of us. Further still, it's getting worse, though: The Western Midwest (ILLinois, Wisconsin, Iowa...) seems to have their collective head up their collective asses.

I've gotta get the hell out of the Chicago area...

Roberta X said...

Rob, I'm all for "Vermont Carry" nationwide and I want it now. (It certainly works well for Vermont). But I'll take whatever I can get in the meantime!

Less: True, true; and there are ways for an IL FOID holder to carry at the almost-ready in many parts of your state. Still and all, the bad guys have a substantial advanatge IL. Even more so in Chicago and similar disarmanent zones, you you cannot legally carry at all.

Tam: Inside their borders, IL residents get what they -- and their graveyards -- have voted for. They have the power to change it.

Rob K said...

I think it's feasible to get "Vermont Carry" here in Indiana in the next ten years or so. Our licensing requirements are so low already, combined with the new lifetime licenses, that I think in a few years it'll be feasible to eliminate the requirement for a permit altogether - though leaving in place the permitting system for out-of-state carry, like Alaska did.

That'd really stick it to Emperor Daily.