Monday, July 21, 2008

The ABC Of Me

Accent: American Midwestern. While this may seem like no accent at all, pity the poor Brits who've had to try decoding it over a transAtlantic telephone connection: compared to most versions, Midwestern has but one vowel sound, the schwa.

Breakfast or no breakfast: Breakfast! Oatmeal and coffee, most days; mad breakfast hash or pancakes as weekend indulgences.

Chore I don’t care for: The litter box.

Dog or Cat: 4 cats in the house -- two mine, two Tam's.

Essential Electronics: Why, yes, a lot of it with toooobes.

Favorite Cologne: A city in Germany? --Mostly I don't do scent. Giorgio during my wild, ill-spent youth. My tomcat disapproves of it, very, very much.

Gold or Silver: Silver. I'm too pale for gold.

Handbag I carry most often: Beat-up carry purse, chosen for maximum number of useful compartments.

Insomnia: Very rarely. This has not always been the case but you'd be amazed what maintaining a high level of physical activity will do for the ability to fall asleep.

Job Title: Chief Operator/Senior RF Technician

Kids: Baby goats are cute! Children, less so.

Living Arrangements: Roomate who is even crazier than me. Of course, she says the same thing.

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Disregard for rules. Failure to respect authority. Insolence. Yes, yes, what a su-prise.

Overnight hospital stays: Lots. Most recent after a motorcycle accident. Otherwise, well, you wouldn't want my sinuses.

Phobias: Being alone in the dark. Strange men.

Quote: "There are better way to go through life than to be dragged kicking and screaming."

Reason to Smile: I woke up this morning and I was Still Here!

Siblings: Older sister, younger brother. Funny, there used to be large age gaps between us.

Time I wake up: 5:00 am if I'm on-track, 6 if it's a lazy week.

Unusual Talent or Skill: Define "unusual." Being able to put one's feet behind one's head? Do hand lettering? Slap verse together in a hurry? To have built an X-ray machine as a teenager?

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Yams. I still can't believe anyone eats those things.

Worst Habit: Procrastinating.

X-rays: Yep. Wanna see? I have 3-D CAT scans of my skull! (See "sinuses," above). Also radiographs of the steel plates and screws in my right leg. Oh what fun.

Yummy Stuff: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee with real cream and turbinado sugar. Homemade bean soup with plenty of raw onion and celery and fresh cornbread and margarine. Morels. Chocolate. Fresh popovers. (I need a better kitchen range!)

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Either Golden Lion Tamarinds or Clouded Leopards.


Anonymous said...

"Being alone in the dark. Strange men"

Whoo. How about being alone in the dark WITH a strange man?

I'm a strange man, perhaps none stranger. But I would neither touch you alone in the dark or in a crowded bar at high noon.

Pitiably, all men aren't like me. And fortunatly, you're armed.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Ditto what Og said. If you don't like strange men, you should hate me.

Anonymous said...

All men are strange...heh.

Decipher this word verification: "uoldb". Hmmmmm...

Roberta X said...

"Fear" and "dislike" are not the same thing. Rollercoasters scare th eheck outta me -- and I like them.

Not the same thing. More like workin' a live breaker box: a little fear results in the proper amount of caution.

Anonymous said...

"like workin' a live breaker box"

Lord, I wish I didn't know that feeling.

rremington said...

You can put your feet behind your head??!??!!!!

Roberta X said...

Geesh, there's one in every crowd.

I'm fit and limber. And yet I'm still single. --Something about those 50+ hour work weeks.

staghounds said...

See your roommate's "Be my neighbor"post, the 50 hour weeks are a plus!

Two days a week is enough of anyone.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, Rick beat me to the snark.

Well, I could say that the 50 hour workweek is a feature, not a bug.. :)

So you got metal in you too, along with Tam? What is it with this crowd and orthopedic stainless steel? It seems like half of us have it...

Turk Turon said...

Golden lion tamarinds!?

I love those little critters. They're like little monkeys with manes like lions, and human-like faces.

Anonymous said...

50 hour work weeks aren't too bad. Try 80 hour work weeks for about 3 months straight.

And Roberta, you are too cute for a little thing like 50 hour work weeks to discourage some of us!! A shooty girl, smart (likely smarter than a lot of us menfolk, heh) and sense of humor...heck, it may be hard to find someone who is up to your level!! :)

Roberta X said...

I've done 80-hour weeks, Joeseph, working two jobs -- 3 16-hour days and four eights (which were a relief!). But I didn't last three months at it. Goodness!

As fer t'tother, awwww. You're sweet.

Anonymous said...

By the way, in case there was any ambiguousness about it, "I wouldn't touch you" means "I would be a gentleman" not "You are untouchable" you are, in fact, eminently touchable.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome!! :)

Nothing will ever beat the months I was working full time and going to paramedic school...there was always at least one day a week where I didn't sleep for 36 hours or so.

Needless to say, I value my sleep. If I am kept awake, or something wakes me up, I can get kinda cranky.

Roberta X said...

Og, what? No, don't explain; you're being gallant. ;)

I'm real big on sleep, too, Joseph. I rarely get enough of it.

Turk, Golden Lion Tamarinds are what gnomes would look like if we had any. They may be the prototypes!