Wednesday, July 09, 2008

In The News

Remember back when the Democrats were all het up and pouty over this sort of thing? An excellent example of a prime rule of party politics, the It's Different When It Is Our Scoundrels Doing It rule. Feh. Havin' Uncle Sam hand out Free Money™ to religious instiutions is never a wise idea, if you ask me: next thing you know, he's bought 'em a little car and a nice condo an' he's a-tellin 'em what to wear and sneakin' away from work and home to spend time with 'em.

And then we have News For Sophisticated Europeoples from Reuters (or did they only use it in the version fed to the States?) with this lead* para:
Police have detained two custodians who were about to harvest their first crop of cannabis, a source of drugs like hashish and marijuana, from a cemetery in Vietnam's capital, a state-run newspaper reported on Monday.
(emphasis mine) Hully gee, I guess I didn't know that! You mean hemp isn't just for T-shirts, paper, and snarky comments about famous d00ds who grew it? A-mazin'.
* Or possibly leaden.

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Anonymous said...

As long as churches accept the tax free status granted by the federal gubment the feds get to tell them what they can and can't do this is just a gradual increase in federal oversight. Oh if a church chooses to opt out the back taxes will be collected ask the Babtist temple pastor Greg Dixon how that works.