Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eyebleeds, Whatever

You know what's worse than having nothing to say? Worse (-ish) than writer's block? Having things to write but not having the time to write them. Worse still, I 'spect after I have looked at them for awhile, at least half will turn out to be dross.

Only myself to blame, got into a piffling contest elsewhere, a small debate on the fringes of a large tragedy, and have spent time that would have been better spent tilling my own fields. It should be a lesson to me or something.

Tomorrow's another day, possibly one with better weather.

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Drang said...

Yep. I hate that. I have several things stored, thoughts, themes, starts of posts, a few articles I found on-line I want to comment on, maybe to fisk, and in at least one case I'm trying to edit it down to the point the NY Slimes won't come after me for simply posting the entire damned thing.
Maybe someday I'll find the time...