Sunday, July 13, 2008

And Back Again

Wowsers, yesterday was long. Up 0400ish, bloggage, hamfest (about which, more next: think mud, mud), on to work with some extra hours so Evil Boss won't accuse me of wastin' the Company's eeenvestment (105.25 hours over two weeks, yeah sure right I slept most of the time while conduit bent and hung itself, then stuffed itself full of wires and hooked 'em up, all automagical like, 'cos I just loathe bein' home where all my books'n'toys are) and home again at the stroke of midnight or a little later.

Slept a good eight hours; I've been up, rode bikes with Tam and et a delightful brekky with plenty of good coffee* and I am still tending to nod off.

About that most recent meal, more brunch really, after a cuppa' with cold nothin' on the side for our first meal of the day, picture this: my standard "breakfast hash" of pepper bacon, diced (Yukon Gold! Mama like!) taters and scrambled eggs, topped with shredded mozerella, chopped chives and fresh radishes, diced fine. Heaven! Try it, the radishes really work well. And kumquats for dessert. Roman Emperors did not eat this well -- and the record of most of 'em reflects it.
* Fresh Market's "Blue Mountain Blend," less than a quarter of the price of the pure quill -- which you should have before you die, at least once, it's bliss -- and about 75% of the aroma and flavor, which makes it three times better than most coffee.

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Rustmeister said...

Radishes? Never thought of that. I'll give it a try.