Thursday, July 10, 2008

This And...That?

§ 1. The astute observer will have noted I missed my late-afternoon/early-evening posting yesterday. Thereby hangs a tale, in much the same manner as a spider monkey hangs from one. My part of the Big Secret Project has involved a lot of Being An Electrician, which is sort of like havin' a nuke reactor tech fix your Jacuzzi. And it's not quite starting from scratch, the place was wired up once, then later unwired back to the walls; so about half of it is lookin' at what's there and figuring out how to get from that to what the project needs with a minimim of kludges, cheats and bends (especially bends other than 90° -- 3/4" EMT conduit and a gal-powered bender old enough to not have handy angle marks, that much exercise I do not need and want even less). And the other half is actually so doing, plus a little work inside a live panelboard. Projects and deadlines being what they are, yesterday was at least twelve full hours of it and no stop for lunch. I came home, made a quick run to the market with Tam (outta cat food and microwavable girl chow), ate dinner and sailed away to Dreamland, the Sandman tagging after, complaining, "Hey! Not so fast!"

§ 2. This guy has been linkin' to me for awhile now. If you like guns and music, I commend Redboy Blues to your attention.

§ 3. My congratulations to the well-chosen winners of Para Ordnance's weekend at Blackwater! (Including my roomie, who won't quite admit to dancing about, singing, "Made of Win! And Cake!" when the happy news arrived).

§ 4. And now, I'm off! Wish me luck, the bulk of The Project needs to be finished today.


Turk Turon said...

You're always workin' on such cool secret stuff!

Ian Argent said...

Chow for microwaveable girls?

KurtP said...

Here's a quick little cheat for conduit bending,
Get your angles and measurements and chalk them out on the ground. that way you have a template to bend to.
hopefully when you match the floor pattern, it'll match what you need.

Anonymous said...

See, this is why I hate manual benders - 3/4" gets old fast, especially when you have to do dozens of bends. Even racheting benders like Hossfeld are an improvement..

Roberta X said...

HTRN: amen! And I was bending box-to-wall offsets in the first phase; gave up after six and used minnies instead of P-clips. Then had to tear down and redo one wall's worth when the Locaton of An Obstruction was changed.

Kurtp: H'mm. It works, if I'd had the time.

Ian: I can't say we're not, though it is an experience we try to avoid.

Turk: yup. I may have pictures, eventually.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, bending stuff with those things is a world class pain in the ass, and you're limited to 3/4" unless you got arms like Atlas, and Pipe is right out. Racheting, or better yet, hydro benders are the way to go - you should bug 'em to buy one. :)