Friday, July 25, 2008

Inevitability Calling

...I'm on hold with a plumber's. There's a leaking T fitting in the cold-water line in the basement.

Noticed the water yesterday morning but couldn't find the source and since, as we all know, the basement at Roseholme leaks, I assumed we'd had a short, heavy rain in the night.

Not so. I entered the subterranean realm this morning in search of socks and T-shirt and bethought myself to check on the water. Not much but one odd damp spot. H'mmmm...? Looked around, looked up and... Oh, damme. Drip, driiiiiiii -wait for it!- iiiiiiiplop.

The inevitability? I rang up the home-warranty outfit, believing myself to be -- whew! -- in the very last day of said warranty.

Yeah, you've got it in one. Time ran out at midnight last night.

"Hello? Multidimensional Plumbering?* When can ya be out? They'll be here five minutes ago? Waykewl." Actually, between ten and noon. Y'all be nice to Tam this mornin', please?
* They pioneered the use of thiotimoline in anticipatory valves. We're soooo innovative here in the heartland.


Alan said...

Wow. Just had a great idea for a new plumbing scam.

"Hello, we're from Multidimensional Plumbing, Preleak Division." We've detected a broken pipe in your basement tomorrow morning, and we're here to take care of it today, before it bursts and soaks all your stuff."

I'll make a bundle.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Damn.

Hey, I can help you fix that basement problem, shoot me an email. Resolution of basement leaks less trouble than you think.

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhhh, RobertaX, I love it when you talk chemical!!!

Anonymous said...

So, thiotimoline is kinda' like the organic corrolary of unobtanium?

uhmxxha - alloy of unobtanium and thiotimoline