Monday, July 14, 2008

To eBay™ Or Not To eBay™

Ain't that a kick in th'head?

Here's the deal: back when I moved into Roseholme just about a year ago, the loo was, well, "manly," with lots of oak trim and an oak toilet seat with brass hinges.

I am not so much about decorating -- you take 5 - 6000 books and put them in a house in any readily-accessible way and most of your "decorating" is done by the time that task is finished. Likewise, when it comes to the W.C., my primary criteria is that it be easy to clean and I added plenty of bright towels to liven the place up. Still -- oak? Makes for a more-rustic seat than I prefer. And it was wiggly; the hardware needed to be replaced. When that round tuit came up, I decided to splurge and replace the entire seat with a fine, modern, gleaming-white version.

Tam split the cost so we spent the biggo bux for an ultra-hygienic version with some miracle paint (Tam adds "It's an American Standard™, the Mercedes of toilet seats -- you could beat somebody to death with it," though I dunno what's so awful about Universal Rundle, at least for blunt-instrument use). Woohoo!

The Moment Of Truth arrive when we boxed up the old seat and I pointed out we could always sell it on eBay and recover part of the $30.

T: "Ew. No!"
R: "Aww, c'mon, why not? It's not like we've any other use for it."
T: "No. Some sicko will buy it."
R: "So? Besides, it's a nice oak seat...?"
T: "Ew. I dare you to blog about this -- I double-dog dare you!"

Daring me, possibly -- just maybe! -- not the best way to keep me from doin'.

So, here we are. Should I put the thing up for auction or not? Original owner was a Marion County Sheriff's Deputy! Dunno about the total miles on it.
PS: In the course of writing spellchecking this post, I came up with the idea of white HiLighter, which Tam promptly decided was, "The spellcheck marking preferred by b@stard SysOps." Oh, yeah.


Anonymous said...

This has bad written all over it.

Post pictures of your respective tushes framed in it and I bet it goes $200.

Everyone needs a Kohler SLow Close toilet seat.

staghounds said...

A minute's research tells us that they don't bring much.

But with the "providence"...

I think I'd be afraid to find out how much the RX/Tam thunderbox seat would bring.

Anonymous said...

Provenance. Although providence might have sopmething to do... nevermind.

Jeffro said...

I,uh - well, not gonna go there. Okay, well then - sheesh, not gonna go there either.

I am on the record that I wouldn't bid on The Throne of Greatness.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'm off the bid list myself.

No, not that I'm not that sick, but just that.... well, I'd rather not say. There are reasons I don't let people take my picture.

Rob K said...

You should build an outhouse and use it in there. Then you're all set when the water and sewer fail in the Coming Zombie Apocalypse. Don't sell it on ebay. That's just not right.

phlegmfatale said...

I say sell it.
Yeah, it's gross, but why not?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about used toilets, but there is a "grey market" for old style highflow toilets from Canada...

And believe it or not, Toto, Ltd of Japan has the most advanced toilets in the world.

Anonymous said...

Not sure the "Tam/RX" provenance could offset/overcome the "Sheriff's Deputy" provenance. (I'm assuming the Deppity was a guy, of course.)

And as regards highlighters, I noticed that my grades improved dramatically once I quit using a black one.

Turk Turon said...

Those old toilets are valuable, as all the new ones are 1-gallon-per-flush. Try Craig's List; you don't want to have to build a crate for that thing.

Toilet tank lids are dangerous: Patricia Arquette beat James Gandolfini to death with one in True Romance.

Alan said...

It's just wrong in so many ways that you HAVE to do it.

If nothing else, it makes a great story.

Carteach said...

I vote: E-Bay it!

The social commentary alone makes it worth it, and the blog-fodder means even a break even is a win.

In this case... the description you write and any photographs will make the sale. Go For It!

Roberta X said...

Og: No. No, no, no.

Phlegmmie: exactly.

I'm pushing for The eBay Option, though. Might as well -- our finicky trash service will probably refuse to take the old seat unless we camoflage it.

Turk Turon said...

Take it to Blackwater and auction it off or use it as a door prize.

Rob K said...

Maybe you could give it to this couple. I think they'll need a new one.

Drang said...

I was going to suggest a Friends of the NRA Auction, but... Nah.

Irishdoh said...

My thought is to have all of the bloggers you know (definitely those making the Blackwater trip) sign the thing, them eBay it.

Turk Turon said...

Irishdoh, that is an outstanding idea!

Anonymous said...

Don't auction it -- bring it to Boomershoot to serve as part of the Dave Barry Exploding Toilet in 2009!

Anonymous said...


Love the idea!! Call it a "Sign the seat" campaign, and raffle it off!!

Peter said...

Roberta, I note that on the Web site of the Australian group Rain Forest Info, listing rain forest woods that must (gasp!) be protected at all costs:

they list a tree called Limba, Latin name (no, I'm not making this up!) Terminalia Superba.

May I suggest that this offers you a perfect opportunity? List your toilet seat for sale, claiming that not only is the wood Limba (you said it moves, right?), but also has had not just one, but two Terminalia Superbas sitting on it!