Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Linguistic Patrol: Day Two

(Going after the low-hanging-fruit).

Improper use of "enormity" may result in having one's skull stomped flat by a venomous T-Rex ridden by an overmuscled, baby-eating Nazi in a silver lamé uniform, playing disco at high volume on a bad boombox.

If something is hugely ginormous, it possessed possesses the quality of enormousness.
If some thing or act or entity is boundlessly or outrageously wicked, it may well be an enormity.

Don't confuse 'em. Little Rolfie and his thunder lizard, they tend to jump the gun. Oh, the enormity!
Thanks to Charles Pergiel for the correction!


Anonymous said...

Here's one of my favorites:


No. Such. Word.

It's "orient". Not orientate. Once you orient it, it can be oriented, but it can not be orientated.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for nauseous vs. nauseated (although my Webster's 9th belittles the distinction).

TW: "cweyrno"
Welsh poet with a long nose.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to post.

I'm an old friend of Curtis' (Captain of One) and live in Indy. He suggested contacting you.

Have you heard about http://conference.blogindiana.com/ ?

Like you, I don't want to post my email. Curt can point you to me if you're inclined. Take care. cb

Chuck Pergiel said...

If something WAS hugely ginormous, it possessed the quality of enormousness.
If something is hugely ginormous, it possesseS the quality of enormousness.
Pay no attention to the nit-picker behind the curtain. And I like hugely ginormous more better anyhoo.

Anonymous said...

This is, truly, an enormously important post. Its enormousness cannot be overstated; for some, however, it will be an enormity beyond understanding.

Does that even make sense??

Roberta X said...

C. Pergiel: I was prepared to fall on my sword (better that than Rolf!) over my wandering tenses --until I realized it's a typo. I meant to remain in the present tense!

Charles, I have a posted e-mail address; see the right sidebar.

Joseph: indeed it does.

Og, that one irks me. (But if I was Japanese and had Westernizing eye surgery, would I be disoriented ever after?)

Old Grouch, would ipecac be a suitable treatement for offenders?

staghounds said...

Ipecac is perfectly named.

Anonymous said...

"...would ipecac be a suitable treatement...?"

It's a thought...