Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dedicated To The "Smoke In Your Car Or Outside The Fence" Rule

     I don't smoke but some folks do, and many businesses, no longer happy with the "outside, eight feet away from the door" rule, are not even providing segregated facilities for smokers.

     Yeah, yeah, vile habit, reeks, etc.  So's not brushing your teeth, and yet they don't run those creatures out.  Anyway, I was wondering if an umbrella counts -- after all, you own it, just like your car - and what a motorcyclist is supposed to do for a smoke in the rain:

Is that a panatella in your bumbershoot,
A Cohiba in your parasol?
Is that a panatella in your bumbershoot?
Don'cha know it's against the law?

Is that a cheroot 'neath your umbrella,
While you're sittin' on your Yamaha?
Is that a panatella in your bumbershoot?
Can't'cha see it's a dreadful flaw?

     Later: Tam tells me, "No, they're just happy to be here." Oh, dear.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Ran into the Anti-Smoking Nazis a few time while attending U of Akron. Even though they had a 25 FOOT Rule, they still would send out their "Little Eichmanns" to get in your Face. Used to laugh when I'd step on to the Sidewalk on the Public Streets in front of some of the Buildings I had Classes in and Light Up. The look on their Faces when they found out that their "Authority" ended where the Grass met the Concrete was Priceless.

Old NFO said...

Yep, first the smokers, next???

Woodman said...

Makes me wish I still smoked just to blow some up people's asses.

Firehand said...

The real fun ones are those who'll insist- loudly- that "You have no right to poison me with your tobacco" and then turn around and demand signatures on their petition to legalize marijuana...