Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Temperance" Cold 811's

     In amateur radio parlance, a "cold 811" is an alcoholic beverage sold in long-necked bottles, looking vaguely like an 811A power tube

     So a Temperance version would be, yes, a soft drink.  A couple of brands I hadn't seen before showed up at Locally Grown Gardens, where a full cooler of obscure sodas goes quite comfortably with their selection of local, seasonal, organic produce and eggs, and various high-end imported staples like spices, oil and vinegar.  (And if Ron stocks it, you can be sure it's the real deal, not hype: the staples he stocks are what he uses in the baked goods and other tasty food he sells.)

     Avery's Birch Beer is water-clear, lightly carbonated and has a full, rich flavor akin to sassafrass.   Avery's puts up everything from seltzer (in old-fashioned siphons!) to watermelon soda and they've been at it for over a hundred years.

     Orca Beverage Soda Co.'s Jersey Creme is a smooth and mellow cream soda, bursting with vanilla.  Remarkably pleasant.  It's difficult to find really good cream soda (ever since Mason's clear was edged out by Red Pop, at least) and this is the best I've had in years. Orca bottles (and/or distributes) a large number of classic brands.


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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Wow. That just put me in mind of Mason's Root Beer. Wasn't nothin' better when I was a sprout.