Saturday, July 06, 2013

TJIC/Jennifer Warrantless Gun Seizure And The Big Picture

From a comment at Tam's:

     "What I found particlarly ironic in MA was that it was the starting location of the American Revolution where firearm ownership was the essential tool in winning our freedom from an oppressive government."

     Ironic?  Ironic?  I see it as prime evidence of a government learning from history.  First you disarm 'em, then you lean on 'em: the British did it wrong way 'round in the 1700s and look what happened!

     Don't think those smarmy lawyers and rabble-rousers you've elected to office (can't help it; they're all the two parties run) slept through History class.  George Orwell was Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm; Huxley couldn't tell Soma from Shinola.  Boots in faces?  Drugs?  Why bother, when gradual loss of freedom and widespread engrossement in increasingly trivial entertainment -- Twitter, Facebook, sports, gossip sites, "reality" TV, bullcrap elections with barely-differentiated candidates -- will do it for you?  How many ships have the Kardashian's faces launched and will the Vikings and Rams go to battle over Who Will Be America's Next Top Singing Model With Talent? Can you say that in 140 characters? Obama, Romney or vanilla?  (And don't go blowing me any smoke about how Mitt would'a saved us all; he'd'a  spatted with Congress and done whatever NSA/FBI/CIA told him he'd better be doing, like all his predecessors since the Feds started running snoop squads.)

     You know what you are not gonna see in this country?  Radical change in the direction of more personal freedom, ever.  Nor will it ever come to civil war.  If you want to be more free than you are right now, pack up and move to a state that does better than the one you're in, and if you can't find any better, tough.

     You can stand and fight (if you pick your battles) and even win sometimes on some things.  But the war is lost and has been since around 1904; the only question is how long it will take before the runs everything.  For our own good.  For the children.  To stop Terrorism and Tooth Decay.

     Haven't we always been at war with Eastasia?


Anonymous said...

Can we also add conservative talk radio to the list of increasingly trivial entertainment? Can we add Ranger Ron's Guerilla Camp to the list?

And also every MUST HAVE manual YOU need to navigate the stormy seas gathering on the horizon.

Save your money, do your pushups, hug the ones you love and live well patriots. It's the best revenge.

Mark Alger said...

I hope you're wrong. I fear you're right.


tc in tx said...

I hope you're wrong too, but...

I think you really hit the nail on the head with this.