Saturday, July 06, 2013

I'm Awake!

     But not for long.  I slept in some way that knotted up my back and my plan, just as soon as I finish tea, toast and ibuprofen, is to either get horizontal or into a hot (bath)tub with Epsom salts, or maybe the former followed by the latter.

     I'm way too big and gawky to make this "fragile" stuff work, dammit.

     PS: I had a high-traffic day yesterday, woo-hoo!  But I'd rather TJIC and Jennifer had had an undisturbed 4th  and I'd had the usual holiday slump in blog-visits. 


Old NFO said...

Hot tubs work! Especially for back problems if there are jets you can get placed 'just' right!

Joseph said...

I know all about backs, Ibuprofen, Tramadol and heating pads!

Anonymous said...

Not that kind of hot tub, O-NFO!

Joseph, I'm supposed to be avoiding ibuprofen for now, but paracetamol ain't cutting it.

Anonymous said...

Man, my wife strained here back two weeks ago and has used ice, heat and anti inflammation pills. Yesterday was the first day she felt better. These are tricky things to solve.

JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

Roberta, have you tried a GOOD chiropractor? Only way my wife got any relief from chronic back pain. (She's "sway-backed", as she calls it) Even Johns Hopkins hospital couldn't help, but chiro did.