Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh, Those Bleeding Zombies

     --I can't remember where it was I first read about the "Violence Police Center"* getting all panty-knotted over the Zombie Industries Gun Control Lobbyist bleeding zombie target, the original ads for which featured a photo of some real-life gun-control lobbyists in the background.

     Stranger does have a nice piece about a Congressthing feeling the butthurt, but that's not the story I remember. 

    Be that as it may.  "The Brady Center"* To Prevent Self-Defense or whatever they go by these days -- Handgun Control, Inc. in a domino mask -- has decided, a day late and ten dollars short, to join in the manufactured outrage.  With that fine sense of who to target that has so distinguished the group, they've drawn a bead not on Zombie Industries, but on But wait, it gets better: "...[W]hile Amazon may not sell this particular model from Zombie Industries,[....] We call on Amazon to drop Zombie Industries, quickly."

     Yes, that's right: You can't buy the Gun Control Lobbyist bleeding zombie target through Amazon.  As a matter of fact, none of the "bleeding zombie" targets are mainline Amazon products and most (other than a non-zombie .mil/leo training target) aren't even fulfilled by them.   The Bradys, tone-deaf as ever, have missed the fine print, possibly on purpose.  Once again, they've gone howling down the wrong well.

     Gun control groups: they're holographically wrong.
* Scorn quotes.  FWIW.


Robert Fowler said...

BSC* Joan was going on about this too. As for Colin the coward, They knew the shooter was coming, why, with his supposed military training, wasn't he behind the door with a chair to take out the shooter? Instead he was shot in the ass while hiding under a desk.

It amazes me the things these idiots think of to be butt-hurt about.

*bat shit crazy

Old NFO said...

Snerk... You're right, they just DO NOT get it...

greg said...

I'm kind of bummed to admit that my local range does not allow the use of 'zombie' targets. Worst part was we didn't find out until my daughter had already picked two out at ACE. Slightly Lame.