Friday, July 05, 2013


     After yesterday evening's news, I'm just got.  Agog.  Boggled.

     The town where it went down, by the way, is famous for being the bloodiest spot of the first day of the American Revolution, where Colonials harried retreating Crown forces.  It's also the birthplace of a meat packer named Samuel Wilson, the model for "Uncle Sam."

     The ol' boy must've been weeping yesterday.  --Now TJIC is a reg'lar foot-in-mouth kind of guy; he's got strong opinions and he's not averse to sharing them.  And the last I heard, MA prided itself on a long tradition of free speech.

     Well, almost free.  Kind of free.  Free-ish, unless you talk smack about politicians or the po-leece.  (Republican Presidents presumably exempted.)

     I've got my gripes with IMPD but they look like angels compared to what TJIC and Jennifer have had to face.

     Gah.  MA sux.

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JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

I concur....and so does Maryland.
The "Free State". HA!