Saturday, July 13, 2013

Downtown Indy Goes London

    Yes, they're Keeping The Public Safe By Peeping: we've got a zillion (approx.) new surveillance cameras downtown, just in time for Indiana Black Expo -- er, the City says "No offense meant, folks; after all, it's for your own safety!"  Yeah.

     'Scuse me if I seem skeptical.  This strikes me as one step back from riding around in a squad car with the windows rolled up and the A/C and two-way radio both going full blast: now police can be even more removed from where bad things are happening, staring at a wall of monitors from a comfy chair!

     As for safety during Black Expo, I have more faith in the barely-mentioned foot patrolpersons and the Ten Point Coalition, the latter being a group of concerned adults armed with little more than high-visibility vests and the determination to keep things calm.

     It's impossible to control violent persons or render aid to their victims by watching it happen on TV.  It's a lot better to -- yes, I'll say it -- "nip the problem in the bud."  Just 'cos Barney Fife said it doesn't mean it's wrong.


Old NFO said...

But...but that would mean actually putting the po-po on the street!!! That wouldn't end well, why they would be hot, grumpy and actually arrest people doing bad things!!!

Rob K said...

This is IMPD. We can't have them driving around drunk in patrol cars running people down! It so much safer to just let them watch it on TV.

From your title, I thought you were going to comment on the mayor's crazy cricket field plans.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I read somewhere that all this London-Style CCTV surveillance does is make it easier to Prosecute Goblins IF/WHEN they are caught.

It's not like they also added the Ye Olde Skool Flying Squads, aka "The Sweeneys" to ACTUALLY deploy when they see something Bad happening. That would need Legal Approval from the Politically Correct Wannabe Governor/D.A. to happen.

Bob said...

Here's a Barney Fife earworm for you:

Richard Blaine said...

Given the type of behavior that seems to be growing amongst our Local Nannies err... Cops. I think it might actually be a GOOD thing.

If they were incapable of paying attention when they were in their nice air conditioned cars and drinking while On duty (and off). Think how much less attentive they'll be sitting in a boring little room with lots of monitors - most of them displaying sports or the cartoon channel.

I think I like that idea. I understand the idea behind foot patrols, and getting them involved in the public again. I just think you'll need to start with a new group of cops who don't assume everyone is a scumbag.