Monday, December 28, 2015

And Now, The Weather...!

     Christmas Day was mild and lovely, a little hint of Spring.  Every day since, it has rained, varying from drizzle to downpour; when it isn't raining, it's about to and looks it.  The weather is growing increasingly unhinged, with floods overnight, freezing rain just to the north and a band of heavy rain sweeping into Indy as I type, with high wind warnings in its wake.

     The rest of the country is having their own versions of crazy weather, none of it pleasant.  It's not a typical winter but it's winter nonetheless: hostile and unforgiving.

      It is a reminder that lacking technology, a lot of the planet is unfit for human habitation.  Oh, it doesn't take power plants and gas pipelines; various peoples got by (and some still do) with little more than edged tools, fire, carpentry and leather-making...and working from sunrise to sunset, each and every day.  Thinking that, I'm all the more grateful for the roof over my head.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, the weather is most certainly strange recently.

Up in the DC area, folks are concerned the cherry trees may blossom soon. then the real cold hit and kill the cherries.

In the central part of the country, the same type of El Nino-pattern weather that hit us down here in 1998 is breeding lethal tornadoes.

Climate. It changes. It always has, and always will. That's what climate does. Deal with it. Instead of blaming SUVs, let's use our brains and deal with the actual changes instead of thinking we can change the climate.

Kind of arrogant if you ask me.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Weather is definitely weird here as well. It's been raining pretty steadily for about three months now, but that's not the weird part, that's pretty normal for here. What's weird is daring daughter's flight to SF this morning was 'canceled because of weather'. Only her flight, no others.

Keads said...

Indeed. I do wish it would stop raining here though.

Jeffrey Smith said...

While down here in Florida, we are having a wierd version of summer, with highs in the low eighties. It may cool down this weekend, to a relatively cold 65 or so for the lows. IOW, much warmer than usual.

And please pass on to Tam that the Monday after a New Years Day that falls on Friday is the Mondayest sort of Monday... just so she can have something to look forward to. :)

Stingray said...

Oh I bled on the bed from a wound in my head, on the night before I sent this...

Jay Bee said...

We had 82 on Christmas Day. The following Sunday was mid-50's with torrential downpours and a few tornados.

Don't like the weather in Texas? Wait for tomorrow.