Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The Roseholme Ailment

     I dunno what it is, some kind of sinus infection, perhaps, but whatever it is, Tam's got a bad case and I have a mild case of it.

     Not at all fun or nice -- doing the inner-ear thing to me, with dizzies and so on.


Unknown said...

I thought this would be a food post, with Aliment misspelt

Roberta X said...

Don't I wish! Tam swears she's much better and I'm not miserable. Things might be looking up!

Anonymous said...


1) It's a known fact that ETOH kills germs.

Therefore, as an experiment, up the ethanol level in your bloodstream with the libation of your choice.

Repeat the libations as necessary to attain the desired therapeutic level. [hic...]

As there are some studies that suggest an elevated body temperature may be part of the mechanism that 'kills off' the infection, draw a hot bath and soak for awhile.

After the bath, take a slug of NyQuil™ (or equivalent) and pass out, er, 'fall asleep'.

What the Hell, it can't hurt (much)... ;)