Sunday, December 06, 2015

Why Old Women Shuffle

     Rannie tha cat -- who has been being quite a pill this morning, including trying to bite my bare leg twice -- was finally good enough for long enough that I could give her a little dish of olive oil without rewarding bad behavior.  Shortly after, I stepped over her on my way out of the kitchen, and she dodged -- right under my descending foot!

     I stepped elsewhere, Rannie called me A Very Bad Name (RrrrrraitMmmmeanie!), and disaster was averted.  But it's a darned good reason to not pick up one's feet.


Anonymous said...

Did that once to my SPCA rescue-e.

It's surprising how loud they can yowl.

She forgave me.

(After all, who wouldn't?}

*rimshot* :)

Merle said...

Fifty something isn't old.....


B said...

Try having *seven* cats of varying ages.

I shuffle like an old Chinese Papasan.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Cats are universally part of the vast feline conspiracy to kill us all and eat our bodies!
And yes, I am owned by two...


Anonymous said...

If you are not old, we call it the Lego shuffle. Don't wanna step on THOSE suckers.

Samsam von Virginia