Saturday, December 05, 2015

Food, Instead

     Went to Twenty Tap for a late lunch yesterday: their Pork Bahn Mi sandwich (a personal favorite) and a soup du jour: "Silken Turnip with Potato."  Oh, my, was that soup ever good!  I guess you've got to like turnips (which I do), which are a member of the madly versatile brassica family -- it had a lovely, complex flavor and was just as smooth as the name promised, enlivened by small chunks of potato.  I recommend it,

     Then for dinner last night, I made oxtail stew, and gave it a good long simmer.  I went a bit light (see above) but Tam had two bowls -- and there was plenty left, now frozen and waiting to simmer again this evening, this time with crushed tomato and some more veggies.  If you're passing up the sections of oxtail at the meat counter, and you like soups and stews, you're missing out.


pigpen51 said...

My grandmother used to make this often. She was an amazing cook, and she would use a pressure cooker, and would sometimes put barley in with it.
She was kind of old school and hated to waste anything. She would make fish chowder from the carcass of fish after filleting.
I learned to cook from her. Nothing real fancy, just use the best ingredients you can and learn good techniques.
I get the sense you had someone in your life like this who gave you the appreciation for good food. Turnips? Love them. Sweet, yet with a subtle flavor all their own.

Anonymous said...

Neeps and tatiees is a scottish Dish. had turnips a few times as a Kid then Dad informed mom the depression was over since before WW2. Ox tail is awesome But you need a good butcher... and e careful with using Barley in the soup. it goes in last and Not as Much as You think.

Anonymous said...

All I can think about now are those poor Oxen with bandages on their tail stubs...

*sob* :)