Wednesday, December 09, 2015

And This Morning

     This morning, The Tamera is on her futon half-awake having a conversation with whichever member of the Greco-Roman pantheon is responsible for the legs, probably Mercury/Hermes:  "No! No, no.  Nooo!"

     This is not her favorite time of the year.  We're in the middle of an unseasonably-warm stretch, with a twenty or more degree temperature swing between noon and midnight (or three and three, probably) and she feels it in her bones.  Offers of breakfast have not tempted her from her lair.  I've turned up the TV and that should, eventually, lure her out.  Oh,'s neeewws!  Freshly-slanted news!

     (Later: Yep, worked.)


Ritchie said...

Much as I regret to say, Denver is probably not a good place for a later relocation. The daily temp swing is usually around 30F. At the foot of the Rockies (Hogback Range, really) wind, temp and precipitation can vary widely from the east to west side of the circum-metro area. And that doesn't count tornado season. And fire season.

Comrade Misfit said...

Is that an aftereffect from her motorcycle crash, back in the day?