Friday, December 18, 2015

Windows X?

     It's the the hot newness, or whatever the kids say these days, and they say it mostly via Apple and Android operating systems, so maybe they wouldn't say it about stodgy old Windows.  My computer keeps popping up happy little invitations to do my Free Upgrade To Windows Ten.  So, hey, I clicked on learn more and--  Ooops!  My video adapter isn't compatible!

     Or so the not-so-happy popup told me.

     "That's that, then," I thought to myself.  No more flippin' intrusive invites to Ten myself.

      Yeah, no.  They're still happening.

     Up yours, Microsoft.  With a ho, ho, ho and a long string of Christmas lights, the old hot glass ones.


Anonymous said...

I found this to work very well -- no more pop ups to update to Windows 10.

Ruth said...

you can uninstall the "updates" that are causing it to pester you. I did it a while back and no pestering!

Ruth said...

(make sure that after you uninstall them you then "hide" them so that the system doesn't try to reinstall them)

Comrade Misfit said...

GWX works. I have it on my Win 7 computers. It'll also purge any hidden upgrade files that the Assholes in Redmond have snuck onto your computer(s).

Anonymous said...
I second the motion on GWX control panel. Windows is making it *almost* mandatory to upgrade to Windows 10 today. What are they going to do tomorrow.

And if you happen to have software (or hardware) that is NOT compatible with Windows 10, well MS will probably just say "F-you. Upgrade."