Saturday, November 05, 2016

Another One-Day Weekend, Another--

     Oh, screw this.  I have leaves to rake and a litter box to change.  I had hoped to do something almost NaNoWriMo-ish this year, but between the demands of work* and me being too flippin' much of a sensitive snowflake, that is looking unlikely.

     Life's tough all over and mine, sucky though it can be, is of such relative luxury that 99% of the human beings who ever lived would think I was royalty.  Three generations back, my ancestors had dirt floors and relived themselves in a hole in the ground -- if they were lucky.  Luckier still if they got the Sears catalog. So waah, and move on.
* I have two "number-one priority" tasks at present, each very time-intensive, and it depends on complex alignments among my bosses and their bosses which one I work on at any given time.  Then I'm often the only person in the Engineering shop, and a fair amount of our work is walk-in, along the lines of, "Hey, I need this widget for something that has to get done today, but all the knobs fell off and it came apart.  After I tried to get the mud out of it...  Oh, from when it went into the swamp...   Because my dog was chewing on it, and when I chased him, he ran down there.  That was after I plugged it in and sparks came out.  I need it in fifteen minutes." or, worse yet, we get jobs over the intercom or PA system, "Engineering to Room B," and you run down there empty-handed, to learn that a programming error has run two very expensive robots into one another and they need to be back online right now! Then when I return to the workshop, one of my three bosses is there and I get a stern look or a talking-to about Staying On Task.  I smile and thank them for doing such a nice job of riding herd on scatter-brained little old me.  Why?  Because it pays the Big Bucks, or as big as spinster with no formal education has any right to expect. But wow, some days I hate it from the flower right down to the roots, and every night I grind my teeth in my sleep.


JayNola said...

When you boil it down, indoor plumbing is almost always worth the sacrifice.

fillyjonk said...

True that.

I keep reminding myself of this video I saw recently talking about how something like 5.6 billion people in the world manage on less than $5 (USD) per day. And I remind myself then I just need to get over myself and just keep pushing on.