Friday, November 25, 2016

'Twas The Day After Thanksgiving

     Or, as I often know it, the Day I Work While My Family Does Thanksgiving -- but bear in mind that every other member of the family has children and we're at a point in the generational cycle where the kids are all at diapers-through-grade-school ages, so the holidays are built around them.  Which I think is as it should be.  I'm especially pleased their parents don't try visiting all of their extended families in one day; that's no fun even for adults.

     For me and Tam, the day started with a couple of mashed-potato pancakes and a slice of delicious applewood-smoked bacon.  I added a fried egg.  There may better breakfasts, but none of them are very much better.  I even had a small glass of eggnog!


Guffaw in AZ said...

The question is...
was there anything IN the nog?
(Besides eggs?)


You're allowed - it's a holiday weekend!


Roberta X said...

I am not -- it's a work day. I like the non-alcoholic version best.

pigpen51 said...

Come on GFA, you should know much better than to ruin perfectly good booze with eggnog. I mean, would you put a nice 12 year old scotch in with that glass of eggnog? Silly, I know. Neither should you put that Canadian blended 3 year old whiskey with it either. Instead of one drink that is drinkable and one nasty mess, you get just one larger mess. Better to wait until an off day and enjoy a nice amber bock, or a smooth Kentucky Bourbon over a cube of ice or two.

Jeffrey Smith said...

You could like me work in the belly of the beast. I'm in retail, and our store opened at 3PM yesterday. So I worked yesterday, today, tomorrow, and most of the other days between now and the Octave of Christmas, when people finally stop shopping.

I'll take the egg nog without the egg, please.

And for you and Tam, a slightly NSFW turducken...