Saturday, November 19, 2016

What A Luxury!

     I slept in until 8:30, then made coffee and a simple treat -- scrambled eggs with pan-toasted cubes of leftover sourdough garlic bread from last night's supper, kalamata olives and sliced tomato on the side.

     The cold wind is whipping chimney smoke sideways and making the trees shimmy.  Earlier, we had thin sleet and spitting snow, but the sky seems to having given up on that.
     A good day to stay indoors!

     (Last night's supper?  Three-meat chili: a little ground sirloin and a little stew meat cut up small, rolled in plenty of dark chili powder, plus a chorizo sausage, fresh-ground pepper, a little salt and browned with onion, a couple of carrots, a poblano pepper and a couple of fresh tomatoes [added in that order with a little time between -- be nice to that poblano, they don't like being overcooked], and then  a small can of mild Hatch chilis and a couple cans of tomatoes -- one cubed, the other diced -- added and the whole thing cooked down for a half-hour or so, and served with [yes, I am a barbarian] sourdough garlic bread.  Also some fresh chopped jalapeno peppers to add to taste -- I do like them raw.  This is a fairly mild chili that can easily be "revved-up" by the individual diner with the jalapeno or some hot sauce.  Tonight it will get Midwesternized by the addition of red beans and I think maybe canned corn, too, and some Pepper Jack cheese to top it.)


JPD said...

Carrots!! In Chili?? We need a serious talk.....I could refer you to CASI and OTICCC. You, young lady....are a RULE BREAKER!! What you have is called stew. Sigh.....I need my safe place, with my wookee.

Old NFO said...

It IS getting to be that time of year!

B said...

Sounds good!

But Tomatoes in chili?

Nah, we call that soup or stew.

Chili has meat, pinto beans and chili powder....if you are going for wild, then add garlic and onion.

anything else is sacrilege.

drjim said...

Nothing like a good bowl of chili in the fall to warm you up!

Roberta X said...

Critics, I have addressed the "what constitutes chili?" issue before -- most recently, here. It's "chili" if the person who made it or the people who eat it call it chili.