Monday, November 14, 2016

Leaves, Leaves...

     Tam and I raked up leaves yesterday -- five bags already, and five leafpiles that will probably fill two or three more.  This is about as good a job as we have done keeping up and I am hoping to have them all bagged and gone before the first snowfall.  We only manage that about half the time.

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Will said...

I can't recall what their play name* was, but they consisted of a 1/4 stick of dynamite. Tossed into the middle of a very large oak tree in summer, most of the leaves will hit the ground.

I'm wondering if homeowners would find it advantageous to employ a leaf defoliation service in the fall, to enable leaves to be gathered up in a single day. I'm thinking this might be a fun job for someone who likes thing that go boom/bang. I suspect that the business names could be entertaining!

*Can't recall the name of small explosives for fun times. Courtesy of a bit of brain damage that leaves me unable to recall words upon occasion.