Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's Sunday

     Time for some real Brotherhood-of-Man stuff.

     You know why all men are, well, cousins, at least?  Because, generally, your ancestors couldn't keep their pants on.  Punch that horrible person over there, and you've hit your g'g'g'g'grandparent's descendant.

     We're all made out of meat.


Guffaw in AZ said...

...and star stuff!


Old NFO said...

Good one!

fillyjonk said...

Two thoughts:

1. It wouldn't "eliminate extremism," like the woman claimed. Because people can convince themselves of crazy crap regardless of things like this. Tribalism is even more ancient than nationalism.

2. The whole "I'm German" (or whatever) thing doesn't work if you go very far back: my "German" ancestors came to the US before 1870, so they would have said they were Westphalian or Prussian or whatever. And what's now Czech Republic or something like was once Austria-Hungary, and before that it was something else.

It's interesting though. I know I'm a mutt so I doubt I could be much surprised by any result I might get. (I do wonder if there are people who get deeply upset, like shaken-to-the-core upset, when they learn they aren't what they thought they were)

Anonymous said...

I recall reading somewhere all humans had 7 (Or was it 5?) common ancestors. Way, way back, humankind was nearly extinct but for that small group. They found a warm cave during an 'Ice Age', perhaps?

Fun to ponder...