Tuesday, May 22, 2018

And So, Day Two--

     I'm not much of a nursemaid.  So it's a good thing Tam's determinedly self-sufficient.  Yesterday, she managed to feed the cats, quite literally single-handed.

     "So what," you reply.  Ah, you see, the cats of Roseholme Cottage include Huck, the Mighty Eater, who is spent his childhood as a feral cat and who will eat any food available.  Putting the food bag in a kitchen cabinet counts as "available:" he will open the door, chew through the bag and eat until caught.  Thus, the door to the cat-food cupboard has a stack of heavy boxes in  front of it -- and there's a stack of heavy boxes next to that. after he managed to move the first stack one afternoon and got the door open.  All that is in the far back corner of the galley kitchen.  So Tam had to move those two stacks, then bend down to the corner and get the heavy cat food bags out, all with her left arm in a sling, while Huck was frantically trying to help.

     I made up a couple of pre-measured baggies of food for the cats this morning, and stashed them in a disused cookie jar: I know Tam can feed them by herself if she has to, but the risks are non-trivial and I am home an hour after cat-feeding time at the earliest.

     On the subject of "earliest:" the orthopedic doctor had no open appointments until 30th May!  So it'll be eight more days of coping until there's a medically-approved course of treatment and plan of action.


Jerry said...

We had store the cat food in a Tupperware container; same reason. Have you thought about child proof latches?

Paul said...

Orthopedic? what did you now? or is this residual from the road trip?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Orthopedic is for Tam.

Anonymous said...

Mother had a slip and fall and broke her humerus last winter. It was ten days before we could even get a PA, and three weeks for the actual doctor. Fortunately the ER doctor and PA were competent, and everything healed well.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Tam.

Old NFO said...

Thanks for being there.

Antibubba said...

Email sent.