Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tuesday Ramblings

     Got that birthday out of the way -- also spent a little while yesterday afternoon with my leg brace on, weed-whacking the back yard, since it had become too high to mow.  I may -- may, mind you -- try running the mower a little bit at a time over the course of this week, weather and knee permitting.
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     Tamara's ongoing travails hardly bear repeating -- hardly bear it because they are so obviously painful despite her best efforts to pretend otherwise.  Tomorrow's orthopedic doctor appointment should help with that.
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     I haven't mentioned the recent "school shooting" in the greater Indianapolis area -- up at the bedroom community of Noblesville* -- in part because the media already did, in part because seeking fame and attention seems to be a common thread with these shooters. It has garnered all kinds of national attention while they ignore Chicago's daily death-toll, even though no one has died as a result of the Noblesville outrage.   One man stopped it: seventh grade science teacher and middle school football coach Jason Seaman tackled the shooter, "swatted his guns away," and was shot three times in the process.  He is still in the hospital, doing well.  The shooter also shot and injured a student; she is in the hospital and said to be "steadily improving."  One man's actions made the difference.
* A county seat in its own right, in the same county as Carmel.  At one time, Carmel was the "poor relation" of Hamilton County -- how things have changed!

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pigpen51 said...

I believe he is out of the hospital,and went to a local school baseball game. They set up a go fund me account for his and the girls medical bills. I would hope to think that many of us would have acted the way he did, but who actually knows, unless you fact that situation. But it is obvious that he has earned the right to be called a hero.
Just imagine if all of the teachers who wanted to were allowed to carry a gun in their class room. It would certainly make it so that the field was leveled for everyone.
Alas, until things change in the political landscape, things have little chance of any real change, except of things on the surface that look good on television sound bites. In the meantime, the least we can do is to remember this man for what he has done.