Monday, May 21, 2018

The Drive To And From Dayton Was Hard Going

     I need to work out a better way to attend the Dayton Hamvention if I intend to continue going.  The drive was very rough on my body.  Several encounters with rain so heavy it slowed interstate traffic to a crawl didn't help -- I tense up as visibility drops, especially in traffic, and there's no using cruise control.  Add in walking on slippery, muddy ground and wet gravel at the Hamvention itself before driving sixty miles to the hotel and half again as much to Indianapolis the next day through another band of heavy rain, and my right knee is aching.  Iced it up some last night and the night before.  Lower back isn't so great, either, though sleeping on the futon last night might have helped.  Staying in a hotel near the halfway point undoubtedly helped; I don't think I could have made the trip at all otherwise.

     "Sleeping on the futon:" The futon frame in the living room converts into a bed.  Tam's attic isn't very well climate-controlled and so that's often one of her spots.  It's my spot now; with a broken collarbone, Tam can't unfold the futon.  The narrow space left for access once it is unfolded is a problem, too.  So she's got my bedroom, with the swing-out keyboard/laptop tray over the bed and a TV set conveniently in one's line of sight.

     Now to reschedule my dental checkup (it was going to be this morning), get Tam scheduled for the orthopedic specialist, and take care of housework....

     This morning's quote: I was getting a bit flustered being Chief Cook, Cat-Wrangler and Empress of Disorder, which had me stammering over something while groping for a word, and I was already limping around....  After the fourth try and still not getting the word, I looked over at Tam and muttered, "Nobody better serve me any mushrooms!"

     She got it.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Perhaps we could carpool next year. I've never been to Dayton due to scheduling conflicts, but if I actually put it on the calendar a year ahead, maybe I can clear the time to do it :)

Doesn't bother me to do a one-day turnaround to Xenia. And for the last 23 years, I've figured driving an Escort on the PA Turnpike, through construction, at night, during a near-blizzard, with a sheer dropoff (and no guardrail) to my right and semis passing me like I was standing still on the left, qualifies me to drive through just about anything :)