Sunday, May 06, 2018

I'm All Right

     It just all piled up on me yesterday -- I was going in to work overtime, since we're so short-handed at work that there's no way not to, and it all hit.

     May is a tough month anyway, but facing Mother's day so soon after Mom's death, and then her birthday on the 19th, well, that's too much.  (It's the anniversary of my father's death, too.)   My brother's birthday is the 21st and a week later, I get slammed with a birthday ending in zero, one of the bad ones, one of the, "You're well past the halfway point now," birthdays that aren't easy to take.

     Nobody is spared this if they last long enough but it's still not a light burden.


JayNola said...

Be well Ms. Ecks.

Jeffrey Smith said...

So you're not keen on the "come grow old with me, the best is yet to be" line of thinking?

Growing up, the usual blessing was "you should live to a hundred and twenty". On that scale, you're now merely approaching the halfway mark....

waepnedmann said...

The big 3 "O" is a tough one.

I had a friend, Glenn, that was a stud horse of a guy.
Built like the proverbial Coke machine.
Annapolis, Marine Corps, Project Phoenix, owned his own construction business, kept $50,000 in a roll of cash in his desk drawer, enjoyed maiming 1% biker types who forcefully objected to his rice burner, justifiably beat a cop unconcious with multiple head butts while handcuffed behind his back, with two other officer friendlies belaboring his back, neck, and shoulders with their PR-24s (this related to a prior incident that got the soon to be unconcious cop's partner suspended and eventually fired. The cop was a well known psycho who eventually went to prison.)
But I digress.
One day Glenn decided to go to his doctor for a check-up as he was not was not feeling his usually vim and vigorous self. He found himself unable to tear a phone book in half or leap tall buildings at a single bound.
The doc checked him over, found no problems, and asked about his recreational activities and social life.
Glenn replied that he had just celebrated his 30th birhday with family and friends.
The doc said, Well that is the answer to your not feeling like a colt any more. It is all downhill from thirty.

When I see a youngster display a prodigious act of strength or agility I tell them to enjoy their youth for it is truly fleeting.

Happy birthday Miss X. I hope you have many more and have stockpiled some awesome memories to reflect on in the rocking chair that is, hopefully, far down the road.

Jerry said...

Hi Roberta,

I borrowed a joke from the first Thin Man movie when I hit my sixth decade. Being a sexagenarian is actually fun.


Drang said...

I feel ya'. I beat you to the milepost by about a month and a half, now I'm wondering how everybody else suddenly got annoying, buncha damn punks, especially the one that's older than me...

Hang in there.