Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Fustratioon

     It's Trash Day here in the neighborhood, since trash collection is tomorrow morning.  So that's probably all I'll get done this evening -- except somewhere in there, I need to pick up various kitchen staples and more cat litter.

     It's not much -- I'm not hiking ten miles one way for clean water, and (so far!) we're not in the middle of a civil war or even an uncivil one.  But it's a sudden ramp-up of activity and I would really rather be icing up my bad knee.  I've got a leg brace or two, and they're coming out of storage.  Awkward things and they work better under a skirt than over dungarees, but it's time and past that I admitted my knee isn't getting any better.

     But there's good news: Tam tells me the two end of her collarbone came together yesterday afternoon.  She had me tighten up the sling when I got home last night and so far, the bone is staying in place.  It's a relief; that's the normal course of healing for such a break but it's not a sure thing.


John in Philly said...

As I was reading the post I realized I had begun to rub the lump on my right collarbone where the broken ends fused back together.
I healed an awfully lot faster back then.
After the doctor set the break, he attached a figure eight cast across my back and looping under both armpits.
And making it worse, it was during the summer.
When I just could not stand my own smell for a second longer, I found I could stand with my back to the closed bathroom door, hook the towel hangar into the cast just below the X where it crossed on my back, and slowly wriggle out of cast.
The shower was one of the best things ever.
Wriggling back into the cast proved impossible, and I waited until my Father came home from work, he gave me the "look" and helped get the cast back on. He then gave me some great advice, "Don't tell your mother."

The Neon Madman said...

It might be time for a new one. I'm 62, and going in early June for a replacement of the right knee. Can't take the constant pain and lack of mobility anymore.

Roberta X said...

I cannot have a knee replaced just now, for reasons that should be pretty darn obvious.