Thursday, January 07, 2021

Insurrection Fails

      An armed mob failed to keep the United States Congress and Vice-President Pence from doing their jobs yesterday.

      If you are still cheering for that loutish gang, if you are still denying the President whipped them into a frenzy and sent them after his own Vice-President and our elected Representatives and Senators while he cowered and gloated in the White House, do me a favor: get lost.  We have nothing more to say to one another.

      What happened yesterday was sedition, encouraged by an incumbent President.  What happened yesterday was the opposite of democracy.  It was an attempt to block the peaceful transfer of power.  The people who stormed the Capitol are not patriots, they are traitors.

      And screw the miserable sore losers for making me admire the grit and gumption of Senators and Congressthings, who went back to work as soon as they could and stayed at it until their Constitutionally-mandated task was finished.  I'd much rather have been able to keep deriding them as layabouts, slackers and drains on the public treasury -- but when the going got tough, they stepped up, which is pretty impressive for a bunch of limousine-riding lawyers with hardly a callused hand or a day's sweat between them.

      I loathe living in "interesting times."

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