Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Oh, Maybe I Can

      Today is the day in which we will see if Mr. Trump's bold plan to undermine GOP trust in Georgia's  elections and hand the U. S. Senate to the Democrats holds up--

      Seriously, if he had set out to erode the very slight edge his party's candidates had in November,* what would he have done differently?

      One of the few things I favor in government is divided government; when one party controls both the Executive and Legislative branches, they tend to get up to partisan mischief that affects the citizenry in bad ways.  It is sufficient to have only one chamber controlled by the other party (and possibly even preferable, since it encourages compromise on essentials and deadlock otherwise).  If the opposite party has a commanding lead in both chambers, they tend to focus on seeing what they can do to trip up the President instead of their actual job, which is mainly tripping up one another.

     After the November elections (if you are the kind of adult who avoids wishful thinking) it looked like Mr. Biden was going to preside over a slightly compliant House and an oppositional Senate.  That's not a bad state of affairs and should have worked to restrain the worst impulses of Executive and Legislative branches alike.  Now....  Well, now we'll just have to wait and see.
* I have a bone to pick with the Georgia Congressional election do-over (and the concept generally): if you have an election and none of the candidates can muster enough enthusiasm among the electorate to gather a majority, why in the name of all that is sane and sensible would you let them try again?  The voters have clearly looked at both and found them wanting.  Nope, turn them out, bar them from making another try that term, and run the election again with a new slate of dewy-eyed contenders to gobble from the public trough.  Yes, big parties, you ran your picks, and nobody liked 'em, not even with a pork chop tied around their necks.  Find a couple of other fools.

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