Friday, January 01, 2021

Goodbye 2020

      And good riddance!

      There are no assurances that 2021 will be any better, despite encouraging news, hope springing eternal and all that, but at least the previous year is over.

       What a lousy year.  I am sick and tired of funeral notices and burning bridges.  I kind of don't ever want to make another new friend.  It's too damn painful to lose 'em.


Carteach said...

Just numbers on paper, and even less meaningful than the bar tab.

People, emotions, and time. Stir those up and anything can happen.

Paul said...

Pain is life. No pain and you are dead, and for you, it will not dawn again. I choose life.

I hope next year is better but plan on it being worse as it can always be worse than I can imagine but rarely as good as I can imagine.

fillyjonk said...

oh my gosh, I feel the "I don't want to make a new friend because of the risk of loss." I've lost so many people in the past 18 months, and it's harder because I'm not meeting anyone new and not even really *interacting* with anyone beyond a very small circle (like: six or eight people, and some of them not more often than once a month). Some days I have felt that very soon, I will be totally alone, with no one left to talk to.

There are gonna be a lot of ragged people if and when the pandemic is over. Maybe all of us will be to some extent but I suspect isolated people like me will be even more messed up than the folks with larger "bubbles" (Almost all my "interaction" is through a screen and I seriously want to yeet Zoom and Teams and all the rest of that out of my life as soon as possible)