Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Yep, Still Crazy Out There

      Hey, did you know that every day is, "Don't talk seditious smack on social media" day?  And it has been, all along.

      Criticize politicians and institutions all you like; wave signs, send stiffly-worded letters and e-mails; call 'em up or hang 'em in effigy in your own front yard, and you're fine.  It's as American as apple pie to gather in the parks with a few hundred (or thousand) friends and chant slogans (send out a press release and get some media attention!); you can even go a-marching to protest the systems and people you dislike. Doing the planning to hang 'em for real over the public Internet on some social media service running on someone else's computer is a whole other thing entirely, and what we call a crime.

     It's also stupid.  Especially once the social media has been hacked and people who are Not Your Friend are combing through it.

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