Friday, March 20, 2009

Bankrupt Bunker?

Say you had a lavish resort hotel in a beautiful location, not terribly far away from Washington D.C., Baltimore and Richmond. What an opportunity! Imagine the voters had approved a measure allowing casino-type gambling, wouldn't that be great? Now add that the place included a huge Cold War bunker once intended as the atomic-war relocation center for the U.S. Congress! Can't miss, right?

Wrong. Maybe it's that faint whiff of Congressbeings? The historic Greenbriar has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is yellin' "Hey, sailor!" at the Mariott chain even as we speak. Odds are good the deal will go through but if ever you wanted to tour the bunker? Might not wanna put off any longer. Just in case.


sam said...

A possible "honeymoon" destination, my lovely?

staghounds said...

I liked the Greenbrier well enough, but it's too big.