Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PSH: Lawn Darts And "Cop-Killer Bullets"

Brass cop-killer bullets, which makes it even awfuller! Eeeeee!

I'm readin' an article about the wonderful, much-missed and most definitely dangerous lawn darts, when I notice sidebar text below a "No Lawn Darts" graphic:
Lawn darts have joined RU-486 (the abortion bill), the 2 Live Crew, and the song Copkilla as "Banned in the USA." Copkillin' brass bullets, however, remain available.
Typos and semi-illiterate writing aside, I wonder if the writer knows that "cop-killin' Chevy Impalas" and "cop-killin' erroneous prescriptions" also remain available? Or that there are no magic policeman-seeking rounds?

But that's not all! After an outline of the 1988 Consumer Products Safety Commission ban of lawn darts, the writer adds:
Perhaps the Lawn Dart industry has been negligent in not dishing out a few tens of millions a year in bribes to members of congress.
The last half of the sentence contained a link to a Brady Center article about an NRA A-rated U.S. Congressthing convicted of taking bribes -- but not from any firearms manufacturer or group.

PSH: it lurks where you least expect it. Happy lawn-darting!


alan said...

I loved playing with lawn darts when I was a kid. It's how I learned about ballistics.

I think it's past time for the safety pendulum to swing the other way.

Rob K said...

We had a set of Jarts when I was a kid. I thought they were kid of boring at the time. I wonder whatever happened to them. I bet my mom sold them in a garage sale.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The problem with most liberals is that they never played with Jarts.

Or did anything else later proscribed as "dangerous".


Tango Juliet said...

When lawn darts are outlawed only outlaws will have lawn darts!

(original, wasn't it?) :)

Word verification: nuffende

Assrot said...

I still have a set of lawn darts. My kids had fun with those things for quite awhile.

None of them ever injured or hurt anyone with them. It's all in how you raise them.

As for Cop Killer devices, I imagine you could beat a cop to death with a good size stick of German Bologna. Should we outlaw that too?



Anonymous said...

NBC's "outlaw cop killer bullets" drive, fronted by Rep. Mario Biaggi, resulted in several officers deaths. In one case, two Georgia convicts, Brooks and Eason, watched as armor piercing bullets zipped through body armor. Brooks and Eason broke jail, stole a gun and a truck, and headed west.

At the same time a very fine young man, Danny Nash, had just been assigned to his first Highway Patrol posting. A few days after the break out, Danny pulled Brooks and Eason over on US Highway 84, near Meadville, Mississippi.

Brooks did exactly what NBC and Biaggi taught him to do. He shot Danny through the head from less than than three feet away range, and left the body one of the finest young officers I ever knew lying beside the road.

It's just too bad that every gun control advocate cannot share the guilt for Danny and the other officers who died as a result of this senseless "cop killer bullet" campaign.


Anonymous said...

We had lawn darts as a kid and played with them a lot. The only trouble we had was when we stuck one in a high tension powerline. The power company was not pleased with that but even the guy who came out to take it down admitted it was a 1 an a million shot.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I don't ever recall anyone being hurt by the things.

Anonymous said...

Anon, if you think that was one in a million, put on a CMP first-timers youth shoot. They can't hit the paper, but they'll split the wire it hangs from, once a relay!