Friday, March 27, 2009

Name Game

First -- as my readers faithfully pointed out -- GWOT became OCO.

And now? Now NYC's "rebuild even taller!" response to the 9/11 barbarians is no longer Freedom Tower. Nope, it's right back to One World Trade Center.

...And it's only a coincidence this happens at the same time as our bestest pals EVAR, Red China, has signed a long-term lease on a couple floors of the building-to-be. They're not afraid of the word "freedom," they use it all the time -- just like in Orwell's 1984.


Mark said...

Personally, I'm fine with One World Trade Centre. In fact, I think just putting them back up as they stood would be fine.

There was nothing wrong with them, they did their job great, and just putting them back with the same names would be a better swipe to the face of the fuckers who murdered them than any other name. It would be us saying "We don't care what you did, because you could never make this in the first place. Go die in your cave".

Bob said...

That's the "change" part of hopenchange at work. Hope I can remember all these name changes...

HTRN said...

Believe it or not, when the design contest was going on to decide what to put up, a lot of us mere proles were of the opinion that they should put the twin towers back up, with safety improvements, of course.

And 10 stories taller. Can't have the Sears tower as the tallest building in the country. :)

Anonymous said...

The what? Tower? You mean the Willis Tower? (I've been calling the the K-mart Tower since '04).

Ten stories, damn straight, with batteries of twin 40's on top. And this time, some goddamn battlements.

Do we have to have all the good ideas for them? New Yorkers, Jeeze.

HTRN said...


I AM a New Yorker. ;)

When they announced the socalled "Freedom tower", or whatever they're calling it this week, the general consensus locally was "They're putting up THAT? Why can't they put the towers back up?".

But then, the Port Authority is a law unto itself.