Sunday, March 01, 2009

Breakfast Menu

Half an Ugli fruit (sweeter than grapefruit but just as big and it's scary!).

Bacon (peppered) and fried-egg sandwich on dark rye with Muenster cheese, thinly-sliced radish and Cholula hot sauce: O.M.G. (Srsly, you gotta try it).

Amish-made cinnamon rolls, served warm.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with cream and turbinado sugar.

Maybe it's a little (a little?) carbs-and-sugar heavy (hey, ask me about my cholesterol levels, stunningly low) but oh-so-good!


BobG said...

"Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with cream and turbinado sugar."

OMG! Do you put ketchup on prime rib, too?
You young people are getting me seriously worried about the state of civilized refreshments...

Turk Turon said...

Real heavy whipping cream is the best thing for coffee: no carbs at all.

Roberta X said...

Sorry, Bob, I grew up taking, er, sneaking my coffee with cream and sugar and I do love it so. If it helps, I will take sips of the Jamaican Blue without adulteration -- but it's the only kind of coffee I can stand that way.

(My Dad was fond of cream and sugar in coffee, too, and while I have settled for low-fat powdered creamer with a self-life measured in years, he went for the real thing or at least Coffee Rich. Which is just dang good).

Reiss Gunson said...

BobG is on the money. You don't invest in Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to corrupt it with additives (milk, sugar, cream, syrup, whatever). You are paying for the perfect balance of Jamaican Blue Mountain and in order to taste that it needs to be drunk on its own.


Roberta X said...

Reiss, what can I say? I am a Philistine.