Sunday, March 22, 2009

Steam-Powered Airplane

It flew! Not the only one, either. When it comes to kewl? You really just have to say "steam plane" and you're done.


sam said...
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alan said...


Yeah, steam plane is teh awesome.

Sigh... There's a universe out there where steam is still king.

sam said...

Wot? And I thought I was an airplane geek! I have even heard of this before, and I grew up (albeit, sometime later) less than fifty miles from there.

Are you sure this didn't happen on Barsoom?

Best wishes and luck going to see your mom.

sam said...

I have even heard of this

should read:

I have not even heard of this

Blogger, we need to talk about editing comments , , ,

Frank W. James said...

Makes you wonder whatever happened to the aircraft in the photos? Would be neat to see it today.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

NotClauswitz said...

Makes you wonder whatever happened to Oakland. Oakland then, where my Dad grew up, tree-lined streets and soapbox derby races, Fourth-of-July fireworks and sailboats on Lake Merritt and the Children's Zoo...
Oakland now: 4 Cops shot dead by an animal, gangbanger chill-town, a different language is spoken, shell casings in the dirty concrete gutters beside tiny crack zip-locs and broken bottle-bit everywhere you go - much more than worlds apart.