Thursday, March 12, 2009


Thomas the elderly cat has to go back to the vet, his regular vet this time -- possible thyroid issue, plus he's got some dental issues. 0800 tomorrow. Poor old guy.

I have been just plain covered up in work; this week was supposed to be a vacation but I moved it to accommodate some projects and then another immovable event got stuck in the week I moved it to -- right on the first day of the next Indy 1500 gun show, no less. And I'm runnin' out of spare weeks, as my vacation "year" runs from June of one year through April of the next (time off in May? In Indianapolis? In my line of work? Uh, no).

So between that and this, I've not had much time to blog. I'm headed for bed ASAP this evening, though my Muse is urging otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Commiserations for the Tomcat; GF has an elderly grey and white that's been toothless for a year, now she's going blind.

Expect to have a mess on my hands shortly.

Turk Turon said...

I'm thinking good thoughts about you and Tommy today.

sam said...

Poor kitty. Hope he feels better, soon.

Wait. I'm sorry. What did I do wrong? Are you saying our Cape honeymoon is off? After I find out STS-127 is just three days after STS-125?

Two shuttle launches in one week is too cool. I may go without you, pains me to say

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Our elder cat has hyperthyroidism. There are a couple of meds that aren't too terribly expensive and will hopefully put Tom back into the pink, if that's his problem.

Best wishes to him and you.