Saturday, March 07, 2009


I've been a bit ill this morning. Stopped by the city's website ('cos I wanted to learn the rules about shooting BB guns in one's own back yard -- good luck findin' that!) and got iller.

Who's the genius who set up this and decided to put it in this category? I'm pretty sure you don't have to be male or have African ancestors to resent being lumped in with dog packs, fires, injuries and crime. (Weights and Measure, okay, they're cool. Cool-ish)

Yes, I've seen the stats, and folks can argue over the cause all day long; and I'd be willing to bet the City's intent was well-meaning. It's still clumsy and creepy. Srsly, WTF? DPS?


Home on the Range said...

Heck, I know I would have been peeved to be stuck next to "weights and measures".

Anonymous said...

CB caps. Quieter than an air rifle. Nice, too. Accurate. My little Romanian 22 training rifle shoots 'em nice, and the firing pin falling is dramaticaly louder than the shot.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Mebbe they're an "at-risk" group and need special protection?

Not that I think so. I'd be insulted were MY group to be so treated. 'M just trying to pretzel-logic the bureaucrat-think.


Anonymous said...


Here's the link to the Indianapolis City Code that you were trying to find at Rose Hulman WattageCottage,Corporate Counsel's website:

Making me do legal research on a weekend! (Oh, wait, I do that anyway). Just wait unti you get my bill.

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

If they don't have a 'Department of tall slender blond-haired blue-eyed females' over in the Parks, Recreation, Sugar Spice and Pretty Stuff Administration, I believe you've got a lawsuit.

Roberta X said...

Shootin' Buddy: D00d, sugar cookies from Rene's had better count as legal tender!

Roberta X said...

PS: So, He Who Finds Ordinance does "at or across" a public road mean I can't shoot an air rifle at my own house or garage in my own back yard?

Anonymous said...

my system won't support the site to read the ordenance.
The last I was aware your good as long as the projectile does not leave your property. That only applies to air guns.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Ed Skinner said...

For the city of Phoenix where I live, I called the Police. I wanted to shoot my air (pellet) pistol in the backyard.

"Sure, no problem."

That was easy!

Kirk Parker said...

"CB Caps"

Alas, a .22 firing CB caps still qualifies as a firearm (at least in this jurisdiction), whereas shooting an air rifle is specifically permitted by our municipal code.

Anonymous said...

For the city of Thomaston, where I live, I just took out my pellet pistol and shot it. I could've asked my father's permission, but he passed away last year--and anyway, I don't think he would care since I moved into my own home long ago. God seems to be okay with it, too.

Am I missing anyone else on the list of authorities that matter?